Signals365 Review

​Signals365 is a binary option signal provider that generates over 100+ signals per day through a web-based interface that you can access from your phone, laptop, or computer.  

Services such as Signals365 aim to help traders increase their profitability and improve their chances of winning a binary option trade.

signals 365 reviews

But can you really trust Signals365 or is it just a scam?

In this Signals365 review, I'm going to cover everything you need to know about this binary signal service so you can make an educated decision.

How Does Signals365 Work?

Signals365 uses a web-based platform to deliver signals to your account in real-time.  Since it is an online platform, there is no software or apps to install.

They use a proprietary technology to anticipate trends or price reversals in the market. According to their website, their automated trading strategies have been developed after extensive testing and optimization.  To help their traders have better success, all signals are filtered during high impact news events for every currency pair.  This feature is convenient because it saves you the time of having to check the economic calendar every day for news events by yourself.

Each signal provided will include the following information:

  • Name of Asset
  • Entry Price
  • Market Direction (up or down)
  • Expiry Time

Every time there is a new signal in your membership area, you will receive a notification that there is a new signal available. Each signal will have a countdown that lets you know how much time is left to enter the trade before the signal expires.

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What Assets Do They Provide Signals For?

Signals365 provides signals across the 8 major currency pairs which include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CHF.

Inside of their platform, you can filter all of their signals based on the time-frame and asset.  This feature is helpful if you wish to filter out all of the short-term signals in favor of longer-term trades with a higher chance of success.


Over 100+ Signals Per Day -  The number of signals provided by Signals365 is greater than any other company I've reviewed.  They also filter out the signals during major news events to help improve your chances of winning a trade.

Easy To Use For Beginner Traders -  You don't have to be an advanced trader or expert to profit from Signals365 signals.  Their platform is very beginner-friendly and very easy to use.

Up To 70% Win-Rate -  This signal provider is one of the most accurate and profitable services on the market.  Some companies claim a similar success rate, but Signals365 actually proves it with screenshots of their recent results from their signals for everybody to see.

Short and Long Term Signals -  They use a variety of expiry times for their signals including 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minute expiry times.

High Number of Positive Reviews -  This company is rated as one of the best binary option signal services by many independent websites.  This is due to their high number of trading alerts provided each day as well as their success rate.


No Email or SMS Delivery - The main downside to Signals365 is that they don't deliver signals to you via SMS or email.  The reason for that is due to their high volume of signals that they provide daily (over 100).  All signals can only be viewed from the members area once you login to your account.  Fortunately, their platform is mobile-compatible which makes it easy to see your sigals and place trades from your mobile device.

Lack of Assets -  We wish that Signals365 offered more asset types than just currencies. Other services offer stock signals and other asset classes such as indices and commodities.


A membership to costs $99 per month.  Or you can also trade for free if you sign up to one of their recommended brokers. We believe that this price is reasonable, considering how many signals they offer daily.

Can Signals365 Be Trusted?

These trading signals have been developed by a team of professional traders and their 70% win-rate is above the industry average.  Unlike other companies that offer auto-trading robots, Signals365 is not affiliated with any binary option brokers and they are completely independent.  Their system has been tested and developed for several years, including back-testing and testing under many different market conditions.

Signals365 also has a high level of transparency and publishes all signal results live on their website.  These live results will show you their wins as well as their losses.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we highly recommend Signals365 for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge in binary option trading.  Their platform is beginner-friendly, simple to use, and boasts a 70% success rate.  With over 100+ signals provided per day, there is no shortage of opportunities to profit from.