Meet The Team

​Our team works hard to bring you the best content when it comes to ​trading binary options, CFDs, and Forex.  Meet our team members that help bring our vision to a reality.

robert wolfe

Robert Wolfe - Founder

Robert has been actively trading a variety of financial assets for the past 10 years including binary options, Forex, and CFDs.  Robert is the founder of Impact Investing Collaborative and his mission is to educate others on the pros and cons of every broker and trading platform in the industry. When Robert isn't trading the financial markets, he enjoys spending time with his family and camping.

stephen schultze

​Stephen Schultze - Senior Editor

​Stephen has been a senior editor at Impact Investing Collaborative for the past 2 years.  He manages our content team and ensures quality control on all guides, broker reviews, and articles published on this site.  When Stephen isn't working, he enjoys day trading cryptocurrencies and researching assets to add to his stock portfolio.

david andrews

​​David Andrews - Brand Strategist

​David is our brand strategist at Impact Investing Collaborative.  David's job is to test every broker and trading platform we review on this website.  He analyzes their trading software, mobile app, deposit methods, withdrawal policy, and return rates.  David then compiles this information into an easy to understand format for everyone to see.  When David isn't reviewing brokers, he enjoys spends time with his two sons and wife.

mark kaminski

​Mark Kaminski - Head of Support Team

​​Mark is the head of our support team.  His primary job is to respond to inquiries from our visitors, manage our social media accounts, and ensure a positive visitor experience for everyone.  Mark has been trading options for the past 3 years and he loves testing new strategies and trying to beat the markets.

devin alexander

​​Devin Alexander - Webmaster

​Devin is our webmaster and technology consultant.  His job is to maintain the website and to improve the user experience for all of our visitors.  When Devin isn't working, he enjoys hiking and mountain biking.