IIPC Research

IIPC research has provided frameworks and authoritative references to further impact investing policy analysis. Its publications have been foundational for the impact investing policy dialogue worldwide. Together, these efforts comprise a body of work, which serves as a platform for potential partners to connect and for practitioners in new markets to examine how to grow impact investing in their own country contexts.

IIPC Contributions to the Field

Impact Investing Policy in 2014: A Snapshot of Global Activity

Published with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, this 2013 report shifts the debate on policy activity from what governments should be doing to what governments are currently enabling to catalyze impact invest.

Breaking the Binary: Policy Guide to Scaling Social Innovation

Published in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and launched in Lima, Peru, this 2013 report provides a toolkit for policymakers stimulating social innovation. This work focuses on social innovation and the process and practice of leveraging private enterprise and capital for public benefit.

Impact at Scale: Policy Innovation for Institutional Investment with Social and Environmental Benefit

This 2012 report examines the different roles that policy can assume in accelerating the development of impact investing practices and products. Together with case studies about the current practices of institutional asset owners and service providers, this research provides a framework for analysis that will stimulate important and productive dialogue among investors, policymakers, advocates, and other stakeholders.

Impact Investing: A Framework for Policy Design and Analysis

This publication represents a framework for thinking about the role government policy can play in creating an enabling environment for impact investing. In particular, this 2011 report provides a structure for considering key issues in policy evaluation and development, along with case studies of policy design adopted in select country markets.

Impact Investing in Development Finance

This report looks at the broad range of activity among Development Finance Institutions and explores existing approaches by these organizations to streamline and measure their work in the impact investing space.

Adopting the London Principles: Policy Considerations to Grow Impact Investing in Hong Kong

This report provides concrete, insightful suggestions to the Hong Kong government for how to bolster its approach to impact investing, as well as positioning those suggestions in the broader framework of the IIPC’s London Principles.

Mapping The Market: Conditions and Potential for Building an Impact Investment Market in Morocco

This report presents the findings of a research project that aims to analyze the potential and building of an impact investing market in Morocco by analyzing market conditions and potential policies to raise private investments for social and ecological businesses.

Developing Social Impact Markets in Turkey: Framework for Government Engagement and Review of Policy Options

This report serves to highlight the role of government intervention in developing social impact markets. Building on the case of Turkey, this research provides a potentially globally applicable new framework to guide public engagement within the impact investing field.

Enhancing the Market Space for Impact Investing in Canada? Nova Scotia’s CEDIF’s Program and the Potential of Equity-tax Credits

This report examines the potential for impact investing in Canada through a case study of Nova Scotia’s Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF), an equity-tax program designed to stimulate community economic development in Canada’s fourth smallest province. While the CEDIF program may not constitute impact investing as defined elsewhere, it has the potential to provide analogous learning opportunities within the social impact space.

Mapping the Social Impact Investing Market in Germany: An Overview of Opportunities in the Education Space

This report investigates the status quo of the German social impact investing market, with a particular focus on educational measures that could help solve some of Germany’s most pressing issues, namely unequal educational opportunities, long-term unemployment and relative poverty. The results of this research effort point to a need for a more holistic role for social impact investing as a remedy for social challenges within Germany.

National Voluntary Guidelines: Creating a conducive policy environment for Responsible Business and Responsible Investment in India

This report unwraps the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business, and their application in driving both business sustainability and responsible investments.